Tooth Fairy Receipt Notecards (Blue)


Keep the magic alive with our adorable Tooth Fairy Note card Set! Presented in a clear, plastic box, these note cards can be kept tucked away ready for those missing baby teeth! Simply fill in a card, and place it into the envelope (provided) along with the money left and place it under their pillow. This set also acts as a perfect keepsake item, for you to track which teeth they lost, and when!

Printed onto 100lb, high-quality card stock. Each single sided note card also includes an envelope.


  • Each set includes flat note cards and thick, high-quality envelopes, available in quantities of both 10 and 20 (FUN FACT: Kids will lose 20 baby teeth!)
  • All cards are A1 size (4.875 x 3.5″)
  • All orders are carefully packaged in a clear box and padded envelope to prevent any damage during transit. Also act as a perfect storage container ready to be used!

Tooth fairy receipt note cards have become a whimsical and cherished tradition for parents celebrating the milestone of their child losing a tooth. These delightful note cards provide a unique and enchanting way for parents to keep the magic of the tooth fairy, alive. When a child loses a tooth, parents can fill out these charming note cards and discreetly place them under the child’s pillow, creating a magical and memorable experience.

These note cards make for delightful baby shower gift ideas, offering a unique and thoughtful present for expectant parents. A set of tooth fairy receipt note cards provides an imaginative and heartwarming way to celebrate the tooth fairy tradition with a touch of personalization. As the years go by, these cards transform into a cherished keepsake, capturing the magic of childhood and creating a beautiful memory and tangible timeline of the child’s grown and development, for both parents and their little ones.

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10 Cards + Envelopes, 20 Cards + Envelopes